If one of our professional Insulation consultants stopped by your home, it simply means that you qualify for a Home Efficiency Rebate Program.  Some programs cover up to 100% of the total cost to make your home more energy efficient saving you $100′s every year.  These rebate programs are sponsored by utility companies as well as state and federal grant money.  Many of these programs fail to adequately market the rebates and many homeowners do not realize they are available to them.  As an Insulation company that specializes in retro-fit homes and rebate work we are able to properly preform the insulating and air sealing that qualify you for the rebates.  We also receive all the proper certifications gaining allied or preferred contractor status with the rebate divisions so we can guide you through the rebate process.  Our work is guaranteed and our insulation is backed by Certan-teed’s lifetime manufactures  warrantee. Click below to see a list of Insulation Consultants in your area.
    1. Kansas City
    2. Denver
    3. Minnesota
    4. Idaho
    5. Washington
    6. Utah
    7. Virginia

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